Zenworkforce Acquires Kalloop Scheduling Software


Zenworkforce Announces Future Scheduling Integration Through Kalloop Acquisition

WAKE FOREST, NC January 24th 2017 – Zenworkforce, employee reporting and data analysis software, is announcing an acquisition of Kalloop, a Raleigh-based workforce management/employee scheduling software for restaurants, caterers, retail businesses and more.Read More

3 Tips to be Better Prepared for Conducting Annual Reviews

For some of you, now is that dreaded time of the year during which you are required to score your employees’ performance over the last year. Why is it such a terrible thing? Shouldn’t it be a productive meeting with stats and observations about all of the wonderful things that happened over the past year, along with some areas that the employee can work on to be an even better performer? After all, most people want to do well at their jobs, right?Read More

The Most Important To-Do List for Managers

This one is easy. You could start this today (or tomorrow depending on your schedule). But it is powerful. It is the easiest thing you can do every day to help build trust and engage your employees. Whenever I train new managers this is always where I have them start with their new teams. It works.Read More

What the Heck Does Employee Engagement Mean?

70% of U.S. Workers Not Engaged at Work     – Gallup

I’ve been seeing a lot more of this phrase, “Employee Engagement” recently pop up in articles and on websites (heck, we even have it on our marketing material and on our website). But what does it mean? How to do you make it happen? How do you know you’re doing it right? Is it really all that important – or is it just something executives and marketing people talk about?Read More

Predicting Attrition – How are you Measuring Your Staffing Risk?

I don’t need to tell you that hiring costs money. We all know that. You are hiring for one of three reasons: 1) you fired someone, 2) you are growing, 3) someone resigned.

Let’s just tackle the third scenario for now. Someone resigned. Why did she quit? Did you know she was going to resign? Did you have any data to look at to predict that you would have turnover?Read More

Quick Guide to Quantifying Candidate Interview Performance (Pre-hire)

Why is getting hiring right important to your company?

  • You are looking for diversity in skill sets and personality types
  • You don’t want to screw up a hire and cost your company $$
  • You want to know what attributes correlate to candidates becoming top performers or future managers.

In order to really get it right you should use data and facts to improve your chances of making great hiring decisions.Read More

10 Culture-Enhancing Tips for Your Team or Company

If I see one more company advertise themselves as a work-hard, play-hard culture I’ll probably kick a kitten (Ok, not really). Culture is about more that just some cheesy cliches.  Culture is not about a quarterly picnic or party. Culture should be about how your employees are treated on a daily basis. It should be about your employees being in a healthy environment in which they have their fundamental needs met.Read More

HR’s Last Mover Advantage in Predictive Analytics

The goal of predictive analytics is to use insights pulled from data to predict the future with accuracy better than chance. Predictive analytics uses a combination of techniques from statistics, data mining, and machine learning among other tools from the data science toolkit to pull this off. In his book “Competing on Analytics” and article, Tom Davenport does an incredible job elaborating on this topic with examples of work in predictive analytics across the business.Read More